Answer Good herbals: Passiflora tablets or lemon balm capsules (as directed on the label)Camomile tea or rooibush tea after your main meal and about an hour before sleeping.A calcium/magnesium supplement ... Read More »

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Cures for insomnia?

Exercise.during the day.don't drink caffeine,eat right ,no sweets especially.don't drink Valerian tea. as it stinks terribly..take 3 capsules,half hour before bed time.also a b vitamin complex is ... Read More »

Insomnia zombie......!?

Where are you going to stash it? It's so strong you can smell it coming from my car trunk when I go to the dispensary. If you're in Calif you need to have a diahnosis for your insomnia from a do... Read More »

Can i die from insomnia at the age of 14?

No, you will not die because of it.If you have insomnia (not if you parents say you have it), I suggest reading the sections "Non-medical treatment and behavioral therapy" and "Lifestyle and home r... Read More »

Getting rid of insomnia?

I'm not sure if it will be potent enough for you, but get some sleepy time tea. Whenever I drink that stuff (I don't have insomnia though, but on the nights I'm having a hard time sleeping) before ... Read More »