Inside a 13 in. tv. is it normal for some components to be hot to the touch ?

Answer i'm not sure...but tell me, why do you have your hands inside your tv?

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Is it normal to have a small pimple looking bump on the inside of your ear that is very painful to touch?

It's normal, dont worry & are usually very painful. You can either leave it & wait for it to extract itself, or you can try popping it yourself. I suggest doing it after a bath, as your pores will ... Read More »

How is it that some phone touch screens only respond to human touch?

Well, some touch screens are pressure sensitive, but the ones you're talking about are heat sensitive. They only react when touched by a temperature above "xx" degrees.

What is a rash in the shape of circles some small and some bigger on the inside of the thigh and how do you treat it?

%DETAILS%AnswerIn a majority of cases, rashes in the shape of circles of varying size are symptoms of ringworm. These circles are typically a light to dark pink, occasionally a darker red. A good t... Read More »

This is not normal! Pic inside!?

I would rinse and gargle with plain table salt -water. Usually mouth injuries ar infections heal faster than anywhere else. Stay away from acid foods or drinks Ouch! You poor thing. You can suck on... Read More »