Insects That Eat Wasps?

Answer There are about 75,000 species of wasps, of which almost all are parasitic. Those that are not parasitic build nests, both predatory asocial wasps and social wasps. They are important for the balan... Read More »

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Flying Insects That Look Like Wasps?

Wasps are not popular insects with most people, as they don't provide many of the same benefits as honey bees and yet are extremely aggressive. Many animals don't care for wasps and avoid them, so ... Read More »

Why are wasps good insects?

Wasps are beneficial insects for a variety of reasons, including pest control, pollinating plants and participating in the food chain. Wasps can also be trained to exhibit behaviors in the presence... Read More »

Plants That Eat Wasps?

Plants need nitrogen to grow, and most get nitrogen from the soil. Insect-eating plants, however, typically grow in areas that have very little nitrogen, so they must get it from digesting animal t... Read More »

Flowers That Intimidate Wasps?

Many gardeners struggle to keep the wasp population in their gardens under control. Flowering plants and herbs like rhododendrons, Queen Anne's lace and even rosemary can attract hordes of wasps, w... Read More »