Insects That Eat Basil?

Answer Insects that eat basil may vary depending on location. Some insects do not specify diets and may eat basil as well as other garden plants. The most notable basil pests include aphids, leafminers, p... Read More »

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Reptiles That Eat Insects?

Insects form part or all of the diet of many types of reptiles, with even baby alligators in the United States stalking and consuming bugs. Lizards and turtles in particular will eat insects, findi... Read More »

Insects That Light Up?

Two types of insects light up: those commonly referred to as fireflies and lightning beetles. Fireflies and lightning beetles are found primarily in humid parts of the world and have evolved light ... Read More »

Insects That Eat Wasps?

There are about 75,000 species of wasps, of which almost all are parasitic. Those that are not parasitic build nests, both predatory asocial wasps and social wasps. They are important for the balan... Read More »

Insects That Get on Tomatoes?

Tomatoes can add both color and vibrancy to your garden displays and serve as a delicious foundations for summer soups and salads. Unfortunately, tomato plants are also the target of a range of gar... Read More »