Insects That Eat Basil?

Answer Insects that eat basil may vary depending on location. Some insects do not specify diets and may eat basil as well as other garden plants. The most notable basil pests include aphids, leafminers, p... Read More »

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How to Use Dried Basil for Basil Tea?

Basil is known for its taste in the culinary world and its vast medicinal properties in the realm of home remedies. It can ease stomach cramps, vomiting and constipation, and is used in homeopathic... Read More »

Is sweet basil and basil the same?

There are several different varieties of basil. The one usually used in Italian cuisine is sweet basil. Holy basil and lemon basil are different (but closely related) species, and Thai basil is the... Read More »

What can be used instead of basil?

How to Dry Basil?

Using dried herbs is a tasty way to flavor any dish. And, learning to grow and dry your own herbs, such as basil, will save you money at the grocery store. Drying herbs like basil and oregano takes... Read More »