Insecticides for Termites?

Answer Termites are small black, tan or white insects that consume cellulose in the form of wood, paper, cloth and other plant materials. They're a major pest in many homes, especially in tropical and sub... Read More »

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What are some "green" insecticides?

Nicotine-based insecticides do work, but they aren't any longer permitted in organic gardening and farming in the UK (if you want your produce to be certified organic) because they are too toxic. ... Read More »

What is ingredient of insecticides?

Insecticides for Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are large bees that resemble bumble bees with a large black body with yellow tufts of fuzz on the thorax of the insect. Unlike bumble bees, however, carpenter bees bore long tunnels ... Read More »

Are fossil fuels used in insecticides?

Yes, fossil fuels are used in many commercially produced pesticides or insecticides. Fossil fuel-based ingredients include ethylene and propylene. These ingredients are either derived from crude pe... Read More »