Insect Eye Types?

Answer Insect eyes come in two distinct types: simple and compound. The forms and structures of these eyes vary from insect to insect. Both eye categories are radically different. Simple eyes are very bas... Read More »

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What does insect spray do to a spider (or an insect) when you spray it?

the majority of the sprays effect the nervous system...some interfere with the signal from the nerve to muscle, some interfere with the signal nerve to nerve. Actually there is a lot more to it th... Read More »

How do you get insect out of ear?

First of all, DO NOT use q-tip, tweezer, bobby pin, or any other such "tools" in your ear. That would be like asking for something much worse to happen to you. Put several drops of hydrogen peroxi... Read More »

Is the earthworm an insect?

On One Hand: Earthworms are AnnelidsAnimals are grouped in subdivisions called phyla. The earthworm is part of the phylum Annelida. This phylum contains more than 9,000 known species. According to ... Read More »

Is a shield bug an insect?

Yes a shield bug is an insect because it has 6 legs.