Insect Damage on the Leaves of Trees?

Answer There are a variety of insects that attack trees and their leaves, making the tree more susceptible to disease problems and other health issues. Keeping trees free of serious insect problems helps ... Read More »

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What is the insect damage to ash trees?

The insect damage to ash trees destroys the bark and removes the ability for the tree to absorb water and vital nutrients. This damage is caused by the emerald ash borer, an insect not native to th... Read More »

How to Identify Insect Damage to Maple Trees?

Maple trees are one of the predominate species that provide spectacular fall foliage. Heavy damage by insects can retard growth and defoliate the trees. Tree lovers that maintain maple trees in the... Read More »

Camellia Insect Damage?

Few shrubs are as beloved by southern gardeners as the camellia. Its large, beautiful flowers and dark green, lustrous, evergreen foliage make it an asset to the landscape, either as a stand alone ... Read More »

What insect bite leaves a welt?

Almost all insect bites or stings leave welts, if they have the horsepower to break the skin. If it's not a chemical blend they inject to make feeding easier, their saliva can also cause a localise... Read More »