Insanity Test, Are you normal?

Answer awesome...LOL

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Whats more intense p90x 2 or insanity or insanity the asylum?

Insanity the asylum volume 2, its intense agility and speed training, also if following the diet will get you shredded

If the pregnancy test is positive is it normal to have cramping around your normal period time?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, i have had crampind and mild abdomin pains around my normal period cycle. i sugest if you are that worried about it you should see a doctor to put your mind at ease. but i don... Read More »

Do i have to take normal blood test for checking whether i am HIV Positive or there is a different test for it?

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to get an HIV test. HIV can not be diagnosed by any testing other than a test specifically designed to detect HIV antibodies. You need to request the te... Read More »

What is the normal range for a cbc test?

A CBC test is also known as a Complete Blood Count. It is a measurement of both red and white blood cells in an individual, as well as other components of blood chemistry. Examples include hemogl... Read More »