Innova Auto Scan Tools?

Answer Innova Electronics Corporation is an international company that is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, and specializes in automotive diagnostic and repair tools. The company sells its pro... Read More »

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Auto Diagnostic Scan Tools?

The "Check Engine" warning light on the dashboard of your car or truck appears anytime the electronic control module reports a problem in any of the vehicle's mechanical components. The "Check Eng... Read More »

Auto Scan Test Tools?

To troubleshoot modern vehicles, service personnel utilize what are referred to as auto scan test tools to investigate and report on the condition of any errant component in real-time. Since these ... Read More »

AutoXray Scan Tools?

AutoXray is an American company that specializes in diagnostic tools, and it is located in Brookpark, Ohio. A diagnostic scan reader plugs directly into a car's dashboard and allows you to view dia... Read More »

Automobile OBD-II Scan Tools?

Onboard diagnostic II, or OBD-II systems are found on cars made since 1996. Your vehicle uses this system to self-diagnose problems, and a diagnostic scan tool plugs into the system. The scanner re... Read More »