Inner thigh gap?

Answer Thigh gaps to me look unhealthy! Curvaceous legs are much more desirable. Not having a thigh gap doesn't make you fat, because not having a thigh gap could be either due to fat or muscle.

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How to get the inner thigh gap?

•Cardio exercise alone is not the best way to lose thigh fat. Yoga, which includes postures that can slim and strengthen your thighs.• You also need to change what you eat. If you inherited the... Read More »

How to Train the Inner Thigh?

The inner thigh is very important in martial arts, and if you train your inner thigh you can kick higher. Here are some steps to help you train.

How to get that inner thigh gap?

You have to cut the fat out of that area. Jogging and cycling help in the matter.

Pubic hair on leg/inner thigh?

Put coconut oil on the area right after shaving, (you can find it at any grocery store) it helps the hair to not grow back for a while, because the oil blocks the hair. I put it on my legs after s... Read More »