Ink for transfer Paper / Acetate.?

Answer This link may give you some information on acetate printing

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How do I use HP transfer paper?

PreviewRun a print preview of your design before you print it on the HP transfer paper by inserting regular paper into the printer to enable you to see how the design will look once it is printed o... Read More »

What is transfer paper?

Transfer paper takes an image to a crafter's project. From traditional carbon paper to modern ink- and laser-jet printed designs, transfer paper aids the crafter in placing a design where it is des... Read More »

How to Transfer Ink From Paper?

There are many fine art techniques for reverse-image printing of an image, which traditionally fall under the banner of printmaking. Unfortunately, most of these techniques require specialized equi... Read More »

Homemade Transfer Paper?

Transfer paper is essential for any crafter. It allows you to accurately trace an image onto any surface. However, the factory-made version from your local craft store is expensive. There's no reas... Read More »