Ink cartridges for lexmark?

Answer you should find them at any shop, or buy from internet, you can find compatibles at a lower price :D

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Are Lexmark 26& HP 26 cartridges the same?

The Lexmark and Hewlett Packard 26 cartridges are not the same type and should not be interchanged in the other manufacturer's printers. HP 26 cartridges are taller in appearance and require a spe... Read More »

How to align cartridges on a Lexmark X73?

there should be software maintenance program in menu, that cleans heads, aligns, and test prints, check manual, if new cartridges there should be also a reset option to select new,..

Are Lexmark 26& HP 26 cartridges the same?

The Lexmark 26 and HP 26 ink cartridges are not the same and are not interchangeable. The Lexmark 26 is a color cartridge, and the HP 26 is a black cartridge. They work in printers of their same br... Read More »

How to Reset Lexmark Cartridges 4 & 5?

Lexmark #4 and #5 are the black and tri-color ink cartridges for a Lexmark printer. When you install a new cartridge or refill your existing cartridges from a third-party company, you may receive a... Read More »