Injury after neutering?

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Tips After Neutering a Cat?

Neutering is a process that many male cats go through. Small incisions are made along the scrotum and the testicles are removed from the cat's body. The incisions are then sewed back up. After this... Read More »

Taking Care of a Dog After Neutering?

Neutering involves removing the testicles of a male dog. It is most often done in order to prevent breeding. Neutering is also known to help with hormonal behavioral issues, such as fighting, runni... Read More »

How to Care for a Guinea Pig After Neutering?

When a guinea pig is neutered it requires special care when brought home. They will be tired and very delicate after the operation.

How to Care for Your Cat After Neutering?

Just took your cat to get neutered? Not quite sure how to make it happy?Have no fear -- this simple, easy-to-use guide will provide all the answers.