Injured Ankle Important Please Help!?

Answer If the x-ray didn't catch anything, then it's probably not a fracture and just a sprain. X-ray's look at the bones, and everything else disappears, so no matter how bad the swelling or how much stu... Read More »

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Please professional opinion Injured ankle?

Where do you feel the pain? What makes it better, what makes it worse?Would you describe it as a shooting pain, dull achey, throbbing?Since you're in university with an athletic training staff, are... Read More »

I suffered a medial ankle sprain and it keeps getting re injured.?

You may have to focus on doing activites that are more straightline (running, swimming etc.) and not cutting (basketball, etc.)I badly sprained my ankle 1 1/2 years ago and it hasn't been the same ... Read More »

I have a sprained ankle that was do I see if a tendon or ligament is injured?

....→tendon not working very well→tendon popped upGood luck!

In an emergency, why is it important to not move the body of the injured patient?

When handling the unconscious patient or the patient with a suspected neck or back injury.; it's imperative not to move him unless he's in imminent danger. Movement in this case can cause serious... Read More »