Injured 10 points for most helpful answer?

Answer Ok. It logically could be either the following1, bruised, 2, fractured, 3, broken, 4, severed.If the nail is blue, it is obviously badly bruised. If the finger is fractured you will not be able to ... Read More »

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My google isn't working right, help 10 points to the most helpful answer..?

I would log out, make a new account and see if that works. If it doesn't I would delete the cookies on Google Chrome which should be an option on Tools < Internet Options. Then unplug the computer ... Read More »

True Or False Question. 10 Points Immediately To First Helpful Answer!!?

Windows XP Problem. 10 pts most helpful answer.?

Driver Verifier is included in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 to promote stability and reliability; you can use this tool to troubleshoot driver issues. Windows kernel-mode compo... Read More »

What do i do if there is a powercut the most detailed answer gets 10 points!?

Get some wind up torches, lanterns, some also have radio and some candles, a calor gas heater, your gas will still work, so you can cook, camping (gas stove if all electric.