Initial Training for the Army?

Answer Initial training for the Army consists of two parts. The first is a new soldier's entry training. The second is her military occupational specialty (MOS) or career training. For enlisted soldiers, ... Read More »

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Army Initial Entry Training?

When your U.S. Army enlistment begins, you'll go through training courses to prepare you for active duty. Called initial entry training, it ensures that you're physically and mentally prepared to b... Read More »

British Army Initial Training?

Soldiers in the British Army may join the Regular Army or the Territorial Army. Full-time soldiers are a part of the Regular Army. The Territorial Army is a volunteer, reserve force. The first s... Read More »

Cessna 310 Initial Training?

The Cessna 310 is a low-wing, twin-engined monoplane first produced in 1953. The plane has four to six seats. Those working toward a private pilot's license usually learn to fly in a single-engine ... Read More »

You have completed Marine Basic Training Do you have to complete army as well to re enlist in the army?

No, you do not. The Marines is the only branch of Service that the US Army accepts people without going through any form of introduction training.