Ingrown toe nail removal: How long were you off work?

Answer Hey hun, I was of for about 3 days, i got mine done on a Tuesday also and i got the rest of the week off (",) doc said 2 days but my boss just said to take the rest of the week lol. Good luck hun a... Read More »

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Ingrown toe nail removal: Does it hurt?

Hey hun i got it done a year or 2 ago, yeah it was quite sore only the injections am not going to lie, but it was well worth it now that i have a nice healthy toe back. Yes they numb it they inject... Read More »

How long does it take for swelling of an ingrown nail to go down?

If you soak it in a warm epsom salt bath a couple of times a day, about a week.

Ingrown nail help!!!?

Wrap it round with a piece of cloth dipped in thick solution of salt. Wet it with the same solution as soon as it get dry.

What is an ingrown nail?

Your toe nail will fall off and a new nail will grow, you need to keep a plaster on it otherwise you may catch in on your socks or bedding and rip it off.. An ingrown toe nail is when the sides of ... Read More »