Ingrown toe nail removal: Does it hurt?

Answer Hey hun i got it done a year or 2 ago, yeah it was quite sore only the injections am not going to lie, but it was well worth it now that i have a nice healthy toe back. Yes they numb it they inject... Read More »

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I have a ingrown nail. It doesn't hurt much....?

Before you cut the nail, put something such as an elastic band around the toe. This will reduce the blood flow and, subsequently, reduce the bleeding. Good luck and take care! :)

Ingrown toe nail removal: How long were you off work?

Hey hun, I was of for about 3 days, i got mine done on a Tuesday also and i got the rest of the week off (",) doc said 2 days but my boss just said to take the rest of the week lol. Good luck hun a... Read More »

My big toe has an ingrown townail does it hurt to get it fixed?

By "fixed" I'm assuming you are wondering about having the nail removed by a doctor. Have you tried soaking your foot in warm water and GENTLY lifting the corner of the affected nail and tucking a ... Read More »

Does appendix removal or tonsil removal hurt?

They use anesthesia so no technically the removal doesn't hurt but it may hurt after.