Ingredients Used in Making Perfume?

Answer Perfume can range from a simple concoction to a complicated mix of chemicals and additives. Knowing what goes into perfume actually can help many people, particularly those with skin and sinus-base... Read More »

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Ingredients for Perfume Making?

Making your own perfume is a great way to develop a customized scent that is distinctively your own. There is nothing like having people compliment you on your perfume, knowing you have an original... Read More »

Ingredients in Tiffany Perfume?

Tiffany's classic perfume of the same name has a strong and distinctive aroma. According to the book "Perfumes, Splashes and Colognes," Tiffany created the perfume to mark the company's 150th anniv... Read More »

How to Research Perfume Ingredients?

Fragrance has been around for centuries, made up of natural ingredients like myrrh, frankincense and peppermint. It’s only been since the 1920s that perfumers began using synthetic ingredients th... Read More »

What Ingredients Make Perfume Last a Long Time?

Perfumers call the ingredients used to make a scent last "fixatives." Whether synthetic or natural, perfume fixatives hold a scent together and keep it from fleeing once the liquid evaporates on th... Read More »