Infrared Light Therapy Treatment?

Answer Your body is a temple, and if there is anything you can do to keep it looking and feeling healthy, you should take advantage of that. Infrared light therapy is a well known and respected treatment ... Read More »

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Infrared Light Antiaging Skin Treatment?

For patients concerned with maintaining youthful skin, light-based treatments are an attractive alternative to plastic surgery. Infrared laser light is among the several light sources used in skin ... Read More »

LED Light Therapy Treatment?

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that fights aging and damaged skin and can also have therapeutic effects. Light therapy treatments are typically affordable with several options availa... Read More »

Which has the greatest energy, a photon of infrared light, visible light or ultraviolet light?

Einstein's equation for the photoelectric effect, E = hf (where E is energy of a photon, h represents Planck's constant and f is the photon's frequency), indicates that the energy of a photon is di... Read More »

Does the DPL LED light therapy skin rejuvenation light work?

On One Hand: Clinical Evidence Demonstrates EfficacyThere are numerous clinical trials demonstrating deep penetration light (DPL) LED therapy as effective in treating acne vulgaris. The use of non-... Read More »