Information to Install Timing Belts?

Answer Many cars have what is called an overhead cam shaft, which moves the valves of the engine. Running this overhead cam shaft is a thing called the timing belt. Car manufacturers make these out of rub... Read More »

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How to Install Timing Belts on a 1998 Ford Cobra?

The timing belt on the 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra is actually a timing chain. Like other moving parts on the Cobra, the timing chain will wear and eventually break. It is not difficult to replace the ... Read More »

Timing Belts Vs. Timing Chains?

Timing belts and timing chains control the timing of the values in an internal combustion engine. Without this synchronization, an engine would be difficult to start and impossible to keep running.

How to Set Timing Belts?

The timing belt is a part of the car's engine that controls valve timing. Setting the timing belt is an important aspect of automotive repair and maintenance. Proper synchronization of the engine v... Read More »

How to Change Timing Belts?

The timing belt in your vehicle can wear down over time and eventually snap if it is not changed when needed. Although the general steps of removing the timing belt from the tensioner and pulleys a... Read More »