Information on the Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass?

Answer The Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass never got its due as a compact, and later a mid-size, performance car. After all, the Oldsmobile was your grandparents’ car, not the Chevelle your older brother drove ... Read More »

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Oldsmobile Cutlass Information?

The Oldsmobile Cutlass was a General Motors manufactured vehicle produced from 1961 to 1999. The Cutlass saw multiple design changes and perceptions regarding its image over the course of its life.... Read More »

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Information?

General Motors first produced the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, a midsized car, in the mid-1960s. The production of the vehicle, which was consider on the high-end of Cutlass designs, lasted until 19... Read More »

Oldsmobile Cutlass Vehicle Emission Control Information?

The emission controls on an Oldsmobile Cutlass are fully integrated with ignition and fuel system controls. All of these control systems work together to ensure the engine works efficiently with mi... Read More »

How to Drain a Radiator on an Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Draining the radiator in your Oldsmobile Cutlass is not difficult to do. Changing the antifreeze in your system is recommended since any petroleum-based fluid that heats up and cools down constantl... Read More »