Information on the Kodiak Brown Bear?

Answer The Kodiak bear -- the largest subspecies of the brown bear -- lives southwest of the Alaskan coast on islands known as the Kodiak Archipelago. They are solitary bears that nonetheless will congreg... Read More »

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How much for a full-size Kodiak bear skin rug?

A full-sized, 7-foot-by-8-foot quality Kodiak bear skin rug from High Sierra Furs retails at $5,495, not including taxes, as of June 2010. The smaller 6-by-7 rug costs $4,695. Special requests can ... Read More »

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear" Classroom Activities?

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear," written by Bill Martin, Jr., is a favorite book among many children. The story employs repetition and patterns, enabling the pre-reader to easily predict what comes next. ... Read More »

How to Put a Laser Sight on a Brown Bear Bow?

A laser sight on your bow will allow you to dial in your weapon and hit your target consistently. Laser sights also work well in low-light situations and increase your available hunting time, since... Read More »

Teddy Bear Dog Breed Information?

Teddy bear dogs sold as teddy bear puppies are a mixed breed dog. They are one of many designer dogs that are very popular. Their name comes from their endearing looks.