Information on the Bichon Havanese?

Answer Bichon Havanese is a breed of dog that is native to Cuba. It is a member of the Bichon family of dogs and is considered a toy breed. It is a small, yet sturdy breed of dog with a big personality. I... Read More »

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Havanese Dog Origins?

The Havanese is a toy dog, weighing approximately 7 to 13 lbs. when fully grown. Bred as companion dogs, the Havenese are affectionate and playful and get along with most people, dogs, cats and oth... Read More »

Havanese Puppy Training?

The Havanese is a small, long-haired dog bred for companionship. Havanese puppies’ hair is shorter than the adults, but grows up to 8 inches long as the puppy ages. Havanese puppies come in many ... Read More »

How Can I Get My Havanese to Lose Weight?

A healthy weight for the average Havanese is between 7 and 13 pounds. These dogs are a hardy breed despite their small statue. Normally energetic and playful, like all dogs, if they are overfed and... Read More »

When do havanese puppies start their period?

Female dogs of all breeds typically begin their periods, or "go into heat," between 4 months to 14 months of age. Havanese puppies are a toy breed. Toy breeds go into heat earlier than larger breed... Read More »