Information on particular computer company?

Answer Links below. You should be a aware that very few computer/notebook/tablet companies actually manufacture their own brands. This includes the likes of Dell, HP, Apple and many others.The so-called "... Read More »

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Which will be the best ac(particular company) for my bedroom?

You'll be surprised how most ACs look similiar when you look inside. I'd say the only factors you should look for would be:1. After-sales service options2. Features on remote and control panel, a t... Read More »

How to apply password to a particular folder in computer?

Go to 'tools', then to 'option' and then to 'security'. You will be able to give a suitable password.

How to open particular URL using a particular web browser?

firefox.exe -new-window firefox.exe "" "" Change it to internet explorer if you wish to open it in explorer?ORYou can either use ieTab to have Firefox open that ... Read More »

Is an insurance company required to provide in network coverage to an out of network hospital if the patient wants to be seen at a particular hospital because of their religion?