Information on a 1941 Dodge Army Truck?

Answer The 1941 Dodge Army truck was Dodge's first lightweight military vehicle built to move troops during World War II. A wide variety of military models were built based on the half-ton civilian pickup... Read More »

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1979 Dodge Truck Information?

The 1979 model year for Dodge trucks was noteworthy not so much for its standard line of pickups, which were styled rather pedestrian compared to Ford and Chevrolet, but for Dodge’s line of “Ad... Read More »

1941 Chevrolet Truck Colors?

Chevrolet trucks in 1941 came in an array of colors. For the classic car enthusiast, Chevrolet used the same color codes for many of its trucks ranging from 1937 to 1947. In specific, the 1941 Che... Read More »

1941 Ford Truck Specs?

The Ford Motor Company produced its first line of cars in 1903. In 1941, their trucks had an optional six-cylinder engine that provided more torque and better fuel economy than the standard V-8 ava... Read More »

Will Dodge truck rims fit a Ford truck?

Yes. As long as the Dodge truck rims have the same lug nut size and bolt pattern as the rim wheel fittings in the Ford truck, the rims will fit to size.References:OK Off Road: Bolt Pattern