Information on What to Feed a Pit Bull That Is Feeding Eight Puppies?

Answer Taking care of eight puppies can be very stressful and difficult for a pit bull mother. When a pit bull, or a dog belonging to any other dog breed, is lactating, she needs extra calories and nutrie... Read More »

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I am having a hard time feeding my family of 5. Is there a dish that is inexpensive that would feed them?

You can put any kind of meat in there plus potatoes. Chicken is always the cheapest. Get a pressure cooker...they cook in minutes, and it'll fall off the bone. Pasta and rice is always cheep. Do t... Read More »

I would like to know why so many think that breast feeding is the only way to feed a newborn?

I don't get it either - they make newborn bottles for a reason, right??I'm choosing to breast feed. I don't think you should look down on any method. It's a personal choice. and the nutrients in th... Read More »

How to House Train Bull Dog Puppies?

Bringing a bulldog puppy home is a special and exciting time for the whole family. Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs well known for their short noses, wrinkled skin and massive heads. They come in man... Read More »

How many puppies are in a pit bull litter?

The average size of a pit bull litter is five to 12 puppies. Litter size is affected by sperm quality, breeding frequency and nutrition. Age also affects breeding, with very young and old females b... Read More »