Information on Typical Flowers & Trees Found in New York?

Answer The state of New York contains 49,576 square miles and features several different climate zones, characterized by moderate summers and cold, often snowy winters, according to the Cornell University... Read More »

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The Typical Requirements for Landlords in New York City?

New York City apartments are some of the most expensive in the world. If you are a tenant, you know your responsibilities. You pay your rent on time and in full. You don't damage the apartment and ... Read More »

Where are oak trees found?

Oaks are part of the beech family, but are classified in their own genus: Quercus. Within this one genus, there are several hundred species which are distributed across North America, Europe and pa... Read More »

Where are elm trees found?

Elm trees can be found across the world in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find them in a variety of climates from Mexico to Japan. The American elm tree is a variety found throughout the United S... Read More »

What trees don't have flowers?