Information on Tiger Cat Kittens?

Answer Selecting a kitten requires careful thought about personality, level of physical activity and need for attention. Tiger cat kittens make playful, lifetime companions with engaging personalities. Co... Read More »

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Information on Newborn Kittens?

Taking care of kittens is mainly a task of the birthing cat. But it is important to watch the kittens and female cat, especially during the first few months of life. To safeguard the health of your... Read More »

What is the difference of a male Siberian tiger& a female Siberian tiger?

The Siberian or Amur tiger is an endangered species native to the far eastern regions of Russia. Siberian tigers exhibit several external sexual differences.SizeOn average, male Siberian tigers are... Read More »

How old do you have to be to get into the tiger tiger nightclub?

How to Wean Kittens?

Like most mammals, kittens begin life by consuming only mother's milk. At a young age, they must learn to eat solid food. This transition from liquid food to solid food is called weaning. Under mos... Read More »