Information on Russian Alexandrite Jewelry?

Answer Genuine Russian alexandrite jewelry is a rare find. The gemstone, beloved by Russian jewelers, was discovered in the Ural Mountains in the early 1830s and named for Alexander II. Although there are... Read More »

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Differences Between Russian and Brazilian Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone of the chrysoberyl family. Named for the Russian czar Alexander after its discovery near emerald mines in the Ural mountains in 1934, it became very popular wit... Read More »

How to Become a Dealer for Russian Jewelry?

Becoming a jewelry dealer requires knowledge about stones, gems, and different types of metals. According to, fantasy, legend and romance are some essential elements of Russian jewelr... Read More »

Anyone have any information about this russian band?

Looks like commercially failed 4-girls project from producer of "Reflex".Name: S17Album: Я буду с тобой (2003)Tracklist:1. Я жду тебя2. П... Read More »

Information on Chocolate Russian Dwarf Hamsters?

Chocolate Russian dwarf hamsters make ideal family pets and are easy to care for. The three different types of Russian dwarf hamsters are Campbell's Russian dwarf hamsters, winter white Russian dwa... Read More »