Information on Red Mange on Dogs?

Answer Red mange, also known as demodectic pododermatitis, demodectic mange, follicular mange and puppy mange is caused by the skin mite demodex canis. Red mange is an unsightly skin disease a significant... Read More »

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How do dogs get mange?

A dog with mange has lost its hair in patches and is scratching uncontrollably. Dogs in this condition are often seen as sick, contagious and often abandoned. However, if mange is caught early on, ... Read More »

Cheyletiella Mange in Dogs?

Cheyletiella mange is one of the most uncomfortable skin conditions that dogs can develop. Cheyletiella mange is also known as "walking dandruff" because it produces flakes and scales on the dog's ... Read More »

Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs?

Caused by the microscopic mite Sarcoptes scabiei, sarcoptic mange is known more commonly as scabies. This extremely contagious mite infestation is capable of infecting humans as well as pets. The m... Read More »

Mange in Cats and Dogs?

Mange is a skin condition easily acquired by cats and dogs. Once your cat or dog is assessed with this condition, it is best to become educated about mange causes, types, prevention and treatment. ... Read More »