Information on Raising Hamsters?

Answer Raising hamsters is not difficult, but it does require a commitment to provide a clean cage and adequate food and water for the mother and babies. Hamsters prefer to be solitary, so the male and fe... Read More »

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Information on Raising Chihuahuas?

A tiny breed with a mysterious past, the Chihuahua can be a lively and loyal companion. Despite their small size, they can develop dominance issues and try to become the leader of the pack. While t... Read More »

Information About Fancy Hamsters?

Fancy Hamsters also go by the names Golden Hamsters, Teddy Bear Hamsters and Standard Hamsters. The word hamster comes from the German word "hamstern" which means, "to hoard," according to the webs... Read More »

Information on Pregnant Dwarf Hamsters?

Female dwarf hamsters conceive have such a short gestation period that it's possible for their owners to be unaware of the hamster's condition until the babies are born. It is essential for owners ... Read More »

Information on Chocolate Russian Dwarf Hamsters?

Chocolate Russian dwarf hamsters make ideal family pets and are easy to care for. The three different types of Russian dwarf hamsters are Campbell's Russian dwarf hamsters, winter white Russian dwa... Read More »