Information on Rabbit Hunting Dogs?

Answer Ask a rabbit hunter why he hunts, and the answer is usually something to the effect of," I just like to hear the dogs" or "I want to watch the dogs work." Sure, many hunters successfully bag rabbit... Read More »

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How to Train a Dog for Rabbit Hunting?

Hunting is a natural canine instinct, and there's really no better way to enjoy this sport then with the help of Man's Best Friend. The most efficient type of dog for Rabbit Hunting is a hound dog ... Read More »

The Best Rabbit Hunting Locations in Lowndes County, Alabama?

Small-game hunting is a popular option for sportsmen in Alabama. Deer, boar, and other large animals get much of the attention from hunting guide outfits and travelers, but the Cotton State's rabbi... Read More »

Hunting Squirrels With Dogs?

Hunting for squirrels is a sport performed best with a squirrel dog. A squirrel dog is specifically bred and trained for squirrel hunting. Hunting with a squirrel dog is beneficial because without ... Read More »

Controlling Hunting Dogs?

Hunting dogs can be hard for dog owners to control. When a scent hound, like a basset hound, blood hound or beagle, picks up a scent, they will do what they can to follow it. When a sight hunter, l... Read More »