Information on Potting Soil?

Answer Potting soil is a special blend of ingredients that is used for plants in containers. Garden soil is almost never used in commercially created potting soils. Rather, potting soil is composed of a s... Read More »

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Is Soil Better for Plant Growth Than Potting Soil?

Owning your own land and home is a big part of the American dream, just as sweet a thought as homemade apple pie. Numerous states, including West Virginia, have plenty of land available. Whether yo... Read More »

Can we use potting soil as lawn soil?

It is possible to use potting soil on lawns. It is an excellent way to seed a lawn, as potting soil is specially formulated to help seed grow and root. It also holds water better than plain soil an... Read More »

Can you reuse potting soil?

The Colorado State University Extension states that potting soil should never be reused. Soil-borne diseases and microorganisms from previously used potting soil can harm any new plantings that are... Read More »

How do I acidify potting soil?

Test pH of Existing SoilTest the pH of the current potting soil using a pH meter. Most plants prefer only slightly acidic soils; blueberries, rhododendrons and azaleas are among the few plants tha... Read More »