Information on Infant Mental Health?

Answer People don't always think about infant mental health, but it is a key issue in child development. Even before children are old enough to walk or talk, their mental health is still a concern. Childr... Read More »

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Certificate Courses in Infant Mental Health?

According to York University in Canada, research into the development of infants and toddlers indicates the first three years of a child's life shapes his ability to learn, cope and develop relatio... Read More »

College health form...answer mental health questions?

Technically, you only have to answer the questions you want to and let them come back to you if they feel the form is incomplete. The purpose of the form is to help protect the college from being ... Read More »

How do government sponsored programs for special age groups populations children mental health impact health care costs?

Some bleeding after the cord falls off is normal. If it infected it may cause more bleeding. Continuous bleeding is a cause for concern and requires evaluation by a pediatrician and investigation.

Does physical health affect mental health more than mental health affect physical?

No, quite ther contrary. Although physical health does effect mental health, mental health almost completely effects physical health.