Information on How to Rebuild a Jeep Engine?

Answer With the space, time, tools and necessary mechanical aptitude it is possible to rebuild your Jeep's engine. Particularly, when removing and reinstalling the engine, it is advantageous to have some... Read More »

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Jeep Performance Engine Rebuild Kits?

Engines have become more durable in recent years, but the average shelf life of an engine is still only about 15 years. High performance engines, like many of those used in Jeep vehicles, experienc... Read More »

Information About the 4L Jeep Engine?

Jeep, a subdivision of Chrysler, is the manufacturer of the first commercially-available sports utility vehicle. Arguably its most recognized motor, the Jeep 4.0 liter engine had six cylinders in a... Read More »

Jeep AX5 Rebuild Procedures?

The Jeep transmission commonly used in its 4.0L and 3.7L motors is known as the AX5. The AX5, or Aisin 5, has parts readily available and can be rebuilt by following the directions in a “Haynes ... Read More »

How to Rebuild a Jeep Motor?

If you have experience or love working on car engines, have patience, have a garage or similar place to work and have enough room for your tools and engine parts, rebuilding your Jeep's motor shoul... Read More »