Information on Hinoki Cypress Trees?

Answer The hinoki cypress tree is a coniferous evergreen, the dwarf form of the larger timber trees that inhabit many forests in Japan. Dwarf hinoki cypresses are commonly used in Japanese style gardens. ... Read More »

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Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Information?

The Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis sp.), also known as a false cypress, grows in a cone shape. The fern-like branches droop at the tips. The three Hinoki cypress trees best suited for bonsai include... Read More »

When should hinoki cypress be pruned?

The hinoki cypress tree, also called the false cypress, is a type of bonsai. The tree should be pruned any time the foliate loses its fan-like shape. Pinch off new foliage by hand, as using scisso... Read More »

What Plants and Trees Grow Near Cypress Trees?

The baldcypress and pondcypress (Taxodium distichum var.) are native to the swamplands of the southern United States. The Monterey cypress, Cupressa macrocarpa, is a native of California but widely... Read More »

List of Cypress Trees?

Cypress trees feature evergreen foliage that resembles overlapping scales, cones and a very specific geographic range. "Trees of North America" states that the species of cypress trees native to th... Read More »