Information on Good Quality Dog Food?

Answer A dog's nutritional requirements differ with breed, activity level, age and weight. However, there are general guidelines for every dog. Always consult your veterinarian or a pet nutritionalist for... Read More »

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What was wrong with the information relied upon by the cia FBI and other agencies refer to the attributes of information quality in your response?

Career Information for a Quality Technician?

A quality technician has a keen and careful eye. These workers are responsible for the quality of a material or product before it reaches consumers. A quality technician inspects raw materials or p... Read More »

Food Quality Act?

The Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) was signed into law August 3,1996. The FQPA amends two major laws that involve pesticides and food safety and is the most comprehensive overhaul in decades.

Why is quality important in food?

Anyone who has ever eaten moldy bread or cheese learned the hard way why quality assurance in food is important. Without the assurance that a food is safe to eat, we would run the risk of illness a... Read More »