Information on Ford V-8 Engines?

Answer The Ford Motor Company was a pioneer in V-8 engine technology. Ford was the first automaker to develop a reliable, compact and fuel-efficient V-8. In 1932 they introduced a V-8 that is still regard... Read More »

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Information on 289 Mustang Engines?

The 1965 to 1968 Ford Mustang 289-cubic-inch V-8 was a versatile engine that helped the car transform from a middling-powered coupe to a true muscle car. Ford produced the 289 with multiple horsepo... Read More »

Information on 302 Chevy Engines?

Long before the concept of turning right was forgotten to history, America fell in love with a little racing series known as Trans Am. In the same way that NASCAR drove the development of mega-cubi... Read More »

Information on Casting Numbers for 350 Chevy Engines?

The Chevrolet 350 has several casting numbers. They will help you determine what engine is in your car. They also help you decide if it is the engine that was originally installed in your vehicle. ... Read More »

Information on Chevy Small Block Engines?

Prior to 1954, Chevrolet's only V8 engine was the "D" series, a design considered outdated even by 1918 standards (when the company discontinued it). At the century's midpoint, every other General ... Read More »