Information on Different Kinds of Dachshund Dogs?

Answer Interested in adding a dachshund to your family? Standard dachshunds of each type range in size from 15 to 20 pounds in adulthood, and miniature dachshunds tend to top out at 11 pounds. Originating... Read More »

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Long-Haired Dachshund Information?

There are two types of the Dachshund, or Doxie: standard size and miniature size, and there are three variations: short-haired, wire-haired and long-haired. Long-haired Doxies appear in both standa... Read More »

Information on the Miniature Dachshund Breed?

American Kennel Club registration statistics for 2009 notes that the dachshund is one of the most popular dogs in the United States Clever, courageous and tenacious, the miniature dachshund makes ... Read More »

Wire Haired Dachshund Breed Information?

The wire-haired dachshund is a muscular, elongated little dog with short legs. Adorable and intelligent as they appear, they are very proud little guys with a protective instinct. The dachshund com... Read More »

What kinds of dog food is bad for dogs?

Dogs have certain nutritional requirements. Foods are formulated to meet these basic nutritional requirements. Additives, preservatives and additional ingredients alter the nutritional value of dog... Read More »