Information on City Tax in Illinois?

Answer All governments need to raise money in order to pay for government services. Illinois residents and businesses must deal with many different kinds of taxes, including a state income tax, various ex... Read More »

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What city is nicknamed the Windy City of Illinois?

The largest city in Illinois, one of the nicknames of Chicago is "the Windy City." This is partially due to the lake-effect winds that come off of Lake Michigan, but especially because of the city'... Read More »

Sales Tax Information for Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Revenue enforces Illinois sales tax laws. Merchants and other businesses that sell goods collect Illinois sales tax on behalf of the state government and pay the taxes to... Read More »

Property Tax Information in Illinois?

Property tax in Illinois is not collected by the state. Rather it is assessed and collected by local taxing districts, most often counties, school districts and municipalities. Property tax is the ... Read More »

Community Colleges in Granite City, Illinois?

Granite City is a Mississippi River town in western Illinois, only six miles from St. Louis, Missouri. The population of Granite City is approximately 29,500. There are many college options in Gran... Read More »