Information on Care After a Dog Spaying?

Answer Spaying is one of the most common procedures for dogs. In the surgery, the veterinarian removes a dog's ovaries and uterus to prevent pregnancy. Aftercare for your spayed dog is simple, but require... Read More »

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How a Cat Reacts After Spaying?

Spaying a cat is an important tool in keeping the pet population under control. Not only does it prevent your cat from getting pregnant and adding a handful of kittens to your family, it also helps... Read More »

How Do Cats Act After Spaying?

Spaying generally refers to the process of the removal of the ovaries from a female in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, the surgery also has some physical side effects and changes mi... Read More »

How Long After Spaying Until an Animal Can Return to Agility?

Spaying a pet has many health and behavioral benefits, including for agility training. Pets may be more focused and less likely to cause trouble at the competitions when spayed. When you have your ... Read More »

How long does my cat have to be away from other cats after spaying?

If the cat is not retained overnight for observation post operatively, separate cats for the remainder of the evening. Interaction with other cats the following day is not harmful, but since strenu... Read More »