Information on Camphor?

Answer Camphor is obtained from the evergreen tree Cinnamonum Camphora, a relative of the laurel. It is a white, crystalline substance that can be extracted from all parts of the tree, and camphor oil is ... Read More »

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Where Does Camphor Come From?

Camphor is an aromatic, crystalline substance related to turpentine. Most commercial camphor is obtained from the camphor tree. Also known as the camphor laurel or gum camphor, the camphor tree is ... Read More »

Things That Contain Camphor?

Commonly used as an embalming fluid, camphor is a waxy substance derived from a variety of trees and contains turpentine oil. Scientifically, camphor is known as C10H160. At the time of publication... Read More »

Who invented camphor?

Camphor was not an invention. It is a waxy, crystal-like compound derived naturally from the leaves or root of the camphor tree. Camphor uses include insect repellent, anti-itch gels and fireworks.... Read More »

Where does camphor wood come from?

Camphor wood comes from the aromatic wood of Cinnamomum camphora, the camphor tree. It is an evergreen that grows naturally in eastern Asia. However, it is cultivated as an ornamental plant in the ... Read More »