Information on Blue Silkie Chickens?

Answer Blue silkie chickens, or blue siklie bantams, are a breed of chicken native to China. They are often raised in the United States and even compete in chicken shows. Blue silkie chickens were observe... Read More »

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When did silkie chickens come to America?

The Chinese Silkie Chicken is believed to have been brought to America sometime between 1254 and 1324 by Marco Polo. Silkie Chickens are believed to have originated somewhere in Asia, but there is ... Read More »

Do silkie chickens lay eggs?

Silkie chickens, like all chickens, lay eggs. Their eggs are small and white and they're medium producers when compared to other chicken breeds. The chickens, themselves, come in many colors includ... Read More »

How to Crossbreed White & Black Silkie Chickens?

Silkies are a small, bantam breed of chicken with feathers that look more like hair than like a feather. Their feathers lack barbicels (which hold the feather together), thus creating a furlike loo... Read More »

What color eggs do black Silkie chickens have?

Black Silkie Bantam chicken eggs are cream colored or slightly tinted, and very small in size. The Silkie Bantam is from the far East and is still kept for its eggs. The birds themselves are orname... Read More »