Information in Credit Card-Type Hotel Room Keys?

Answer Not all plastic hotel key cards act like credit cards, but a few types do. Some features of card entry allow hotel guests to bill their room when swiping the card to pay for a hotel service or purc... Read More »

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Hotel Keys and Credit Card Information?

In 2003, acting on information she misunderstood, Detective Sergeant Kathryn Jorge of the Pasadena California Police Department sent out a warning about hotels potentially storing customer credit c... Read More »

When is my credit card charged for a hotel room?

Your credit card is not charged for a hotel room until you authorize it. If you book online, you usually will not be charged until you check in and have them swipe your card. Booking online also au... Read More »

Do I need to bring my credit card if I book a hotel room?

You do need to bring a credit card for a booked hotel room; without a card at check in, incidental room charges cannot be made. Check-in may require a cash deposit for possible damages as well as u... Read More »

Can you reserve a hotel room with a debit card?

It is possible to use a debit card to reserve a hotel room, however, some funds may be tied up for longer than expected. Some hotels will place a hold on a specific number of funds until check-out,... Read More »