Information for buying a HDTV?

Answer First, don't believe anyone that says there isn't much HDTV programming to watch. Almost every prime time program on the major networks in it HD, and some of the independents also broadcast HD on ... Read More »

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Buying a LCD HDTV, any help?

You are right for that price you are looking at about a 20000:1 contrast or less. 1" is not that big of a difference. Samsung tend to be rated better for quality of picture and life span. You ca... Read More »

Can I buy a digital TV with out buying a HDTV?

The answer is absolutely YES! Any TV which has an ATSC tuner is a digital tuning television set. ATSC tuners tune digital channels 2-69 but display the channels in a dashed or decimal format su... Read More »

Help with buying an HDTV?

Here is the scoop. I worked at Circuit city for about 2 years in the Tv department and I got this question alot. Im an expert at answering it :}. Here we go. The answer is yes. An Hdtv will look fa... Read More »

Question about buying HDtv?

I would say that there will not be any real noticeable difference... That being said, you could go with 1080p for not much difference in price. Here is a list sorted by bestselling on Amazon:http:/... Read More »