Information Technology in the Airline Industry?

Answer While the U.S. airline industry was an early pioneer of information technology, it has struggled in the early 21st century to upgrade its antiquated technology systems to be more customer friendly,... Read More »

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Information Technology in the Manufacturing Industry?

According to the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMA), the manufacturing industry reached a turning point at the end of the 20th century due to the influence of info... Read More »

Who are airline industry stakeholders?

Airline industry stakeholders refer to parties that have an interest, or stake, in the success or failure of the industry. This can include employees, shareholders, customers, creditors and supplie... Read More »

What is the airline industry growth?

Airline industry growth has been steady since the first airline formed in the United States via the Air Commerce Act of 1926. Airline passenger service was a way to augment revenue with the transpo... Read More »

Is the airline industry rival or excludable?

In economic theory, the airline industry is considered both a rival and excludable good. For a good to be excludable, consumers must be able to be excluded from using the good. For a good to be riv... Read More »