Information Needed When Applying for a Mortgage?

Answer A mortgage is often the largest loan that a consumer will apply for. In contrast to most other loans that a consumer will be granted in a lifetime, the documentation that must be provided in applyi... Read More »

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Is It Good to Have High Credit Card Limits When Applying for a Mortgage?

A subordination agreement is used when making one mortgage inferior to another mortgage. It is a legal document that allows one party to claim junior to another party. This is most commonly used in... Read More »

Information Needed When Filing for a Divorce in Michigan?

Getting through the difficult process of divorce can be easier if you are prepared with the proper forms and information. If you make sure that you get all the information you need before preparing... Read More »

How to Make a Home Affordable by Applying for a Second Mortgage?

Financial hardship makes paying a first and second mortgage difficult. To relieve the financial stress, many families consider refinancing the first and second mortgage into a single home loan. The... Read More »

What Is the Time Frame for Applying for an FHA Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Homebuyers shopping for mortgage money are finding it harder to get. Since the mortgage meltdown, all types of mortgage lenders are practicing risk management by tightening up guidelines. Credit sc... Read More »