Information About the Birth Stone Topaz?

Answer Topaz is a precious gemstone that's found in many colors; the name comes from the island of Topazos, where the Romans originally found the stone. Topaz makes a versatile birthstone because of its w... Read More »

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Is the pink topaz a love stone?

All colors of topaz, including pink, could be considered a love stone because topaz represents true love and success in all endeavors. Pink topaz is also specifically associated with honor, truth a... Read More »

Is mystic fire topaz a manmade stone?

Mystic topaz is created from a natural clear topaz but is not itself a natural topaz. A thin coating of metal, usually titanium, is placed at the bottom of a clear topaz to produce the fiery, rainb... Read More »

Is mystic fire topaz a man-made stone?

Mystic fire topaz is a man-made alteration of the topaz gemstone appearance. The natural stone's pavilion, the lower surface of a brilliant cut gem, is enhanced by a thin film of titanium. This aff... Read More »

Caribbean Topaz Information?

Caribbean topaz, also called mystic fire topaz, is a lab-created gemstone that features prominently in designer pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. This multi-colored gem is durable enough for... Read More »