Information About Perfume?

Answer Perfume has been used since ancient times for religious purposes and for burial rites. In the 14th century when bathing was considered unhealthy, wealthy people used large amounts of heavy perfumes... Read More »

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About Eve Perfume?

All About Eve was a best-selling designer fragrance for Generation X and remains a favorite among some women. This apple-based scent is refreshing, sweet without being floral and offers a satisfyin... Read More »

About Perfume Samples?

Have you ever purchased a bottle of perfume, only to get home and find out that when you wore it, you broke out, sneezed constantly or just plain smelled awful? Something that smelled wonderful on ... Read More »

How to Learn About Perfume?

Fragrance is a very personal thing. What smells good to one person may be off-putting to another. If you are looking to grow your fragrance library, you may want to learn about the notes that you l... Read More »

About Perfume Oils?

Perfume oils provide the fragance-base for perfumes, colognes and toilet waters. Perfume oils have no alcohol, water or other fillers to diminish their strength and original essence. Perfumes oils ... Read More »